Sandblasting is a very dirty business. Students should come prepared to spend long hours sandblasting and get very dirty. If you don’t like dust then consider another profession. Due to the hazards of sandblasting, safety equipment and appropriate dress is required at all times as a condition of attending classes!

Our private one-on-one tutorials are customized to the skill level of the student. Sandblast course options include:

Beginner monumental - No experience necessary. The course primarily covers stone prep, stencil techniques, differences between bluing, steeling, frosting, single process shape carving and mud packing.

1)Cover issues concerning stone prep. (ie: moisture, dust, types of stone and lettering depth versus appropriate stencil to use) Appropriate fillers and proper techniques of applying stencils.
2)Three shades of gray should be able to be achieved by appropriate use of sandblast without the use of lithochrome.
3)Advantages and disadvantages of single process, double process and process and a half sandblast in order to take advantage of each technique’s inherit strengths and weaknesses.
4)Most of the course is spent shape carving using the single process technique. Time is dedicated to all of the most common designs used in the monument industry. Roses, wild roses, leaves, praying hands are just a few of the carvings that are taught. Screening techniques for effect are taught.
5)Theory of first person, second person and first impression are explained, demonstrated and utilized.
6)Painting and lithochrome techniques.
7)Mud packing, frosting and bluing. Much time is spent explaining and demonstrating how to avoid rounding off edges and knocking out litho.
8)Clean up techniques.
9)Death date techniques and shortcuts.  
10)Filling letters and much more.
11) Specialty classes for on site engraving and/or US Veteran marker engraving
12) Specialty classes for artist in training with stone

Many types of equipment and materials are used to give students ideas of the possibilities that are available. Instruction is given first by demonstrating, followed by attentive one-on-one hands on training as the student takes the sandblast hose.

Advanced monumental courses - vary according to the needs of the student. Advanced single process, double process, and process and a half techniques are just a few of the subjects covered. Advanced shaping, painting techniques and stone repair are also brought into focus.

Gold leaf basics - learn the basics to gilding. Medians include gold leaf, palladium, and aluminum in relation to gilding on stone or glass.

Glass carving - Basic sandblast techniques - Photobrasives, vector art

Concrete design - Basic sandblast techniques preparing designs on concrete for acid stain and other color treatment.

Diamond Etching – Learn from experienced etchers. From preparation to detail work. All aspects of the art are taught.

Hand Tooling – Raised lettering, round raised letters, carvings in relief are just the tip of the iceberg. Learn the tools, terminology and art of the trade.

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Memorial Design was awarded the 2001 Pellington award for stone carving and design.

The South Carolina House Honored Memorial Design in 2013 with SC House Resolution 4249 for carving the History of Humanity Memorial in Felicity, California.

I​n 2005 the Clamp family was made honorary citizens of Louisville, KY Waterfront.
All of the carvings shown are from students that had zero sandblast experience prior to attending the class.
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Memorial Design believes the best way to learn to sandblast and shape carve requires the carver to leave the classroom, go into the studio and get their hands dirty. Our training technique is to 1) show, 2) help guide the hand of the student as they carve until they get the feel for the technique and then 3) allow the student to practice what they have learned before moving on to the next lesson.

Each carving is a little harder than the previous and incorporates another new skill set.
The advanced classes are structured around the skill level of the student.
Some of the classes people have taken covered special roses, hand tooled lettering, polishing, gilding, hand carving basics, bas relief carving and stone cutting.
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Over 1860 students have attended a Memorial Design training session.
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