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For three generations people have trusted Memorial Design to create timeless tributes, custom granite and bronze memorials that are as unique as the people they honor.

At Memorial Design, experience, artistry, and trust define who we are and the product we produce. Our trained design staff can help you express individuality through distinctive memorials that capture the essence of who the memorial will honor throughout the millennia.

Our design philosophy is that a monument should tell the story of who the person was, not just the dates they lived so that future generations can come and learn who they are and where they came from.

Recent Awards and Achievements

Memorial Design was awarded the Pellington Arts award for stone carving and design.

The South Carolina House Honored Memorial Design in 2013 with SC House Resolution 4249 for carving the History of Humanity Memorial in Felicity, California.

The Clamp family was made honorary citizens of Louisville, KY Waterfront for their work on the Louisville Lincoln Memorial.

The town of Felicity received the Air and Space Medal in Europe for The History of French Aviation Memorial. 

2014 MBNA U/UTA Memorial Award for the Columbia SC Fargo Memorial

2014 MBNA Contemporary Mixed Media Memorial Award for the Hootie and Blowfish Monument located in Columbia, SC

2014 MBNA Shape Carved Memorial Award for Gorman Monument located in Michigan

2014 MBNA Etched Memorial Award for Stone Mountain Mem. Pk. waterfall located in Stone Mountain, GA

2014 MBNA Honorable Mentions:

Family Estate Memorial Award - Scanlin Memorial - Dahlonegha, GA

Ethnic Memorial Award - Irish Heritage Memorial - Charleston, SC

Hand Carved Memorial Award - Brock Memorial - Shreveport, LA
Anyone can do the EASY ones. We love to design and carve the ones that tell a story, make a statement and that others are scared to touch!
Memorial Design has carved exclusive high end stone work in 49 states and 9 countries.
Memorial Design Portfolio - 

A small picture album of some of the jobs completed by Ron Clamp, dba Memorial Design.

Memorial Design designs and builds custom designed memorials, hand carved sculpture and art compositions carved in stone.

Memorial Design also offers on-site engraving. Memorial Design has completed projects in all 49 of 50 states and beyond. Call today to discuss your upcoming project.

Allow us to help design and build your project. Call today for a free consultation and evaluation of your upcoming project.
Sandblast Training

Information on Curriculum, who should attend, the history of monumental sandblast and request form to receive our monumental sandblast training manual.

Students range from having never sandblasted before upwards to 30+ years of experience.
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Ron Clamp - sculptor - Memorial Design - Monument Design Specialist - Custom Stone Carving - Granite Sculpture - Granite Sculptor - Marble and limestone - signage - Dimensional Stone - Monumental Stone Carving and Sandblast Training

Stone carver, Ron Clamp dba Memorial Design, specializes in designing and hand carving unique sculpture from granite and other natural stones.

Monuments and memorials, full life-sized figures, architectural reliefs, art features. If you can imagine it, then Memorial Design can create it.

Memorial Design works with you to meet your specifications, criteria and help you achieve your goals while helping stay within your budget.
The word ‘memorial’ derives from the Latin word ‘memos’ which means ‘mindful’. We are certainly mindful of those we loved, and when they die memories remain with us in so many ways.

Memories are precious and it is important to share them with future generations.

Memorials are a practical way of perpetuating these memories and providing a focal point for family, friends and others. Memorials may be as modest or as extravagant as you decide or as you feel the deceased would wish.

Memorial Design carves and design their own projects. Memorial Design also specializes in optimizing projects designed by architects, designers, other sculptors and structural engineers from around the world.